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NH Old Home Days for 2012

NH Old Home Days and Town Festivals for the current year will be listed according to their starting dates and will be updated as the information becomes available each year.

If you can help me fill in the dates for any of the missing Old Home Days that you know of, please email jane at this domain. I have left visible the ones for which I could not find information. Towns are invited to provide us with a link to their event's website or page on their town website and if it is updated with the date, we will update it here. Note that some events may be called Old Home Days or Fairs or Festivals. Check both pages to see if your event is included.

Attending these events gives one the opportunity to support NH Towns and their businesses and organizations and best of all offer a unique view to life in NH! Also, some events will allow you to rent space for your organization's advertising and recruiting, or for political campaigns.

Even though I have done my best to confirm that these dates are correct, always call each venue for more information before heading out! This is a 'work in progress'. If the date still reads 2011, it means we have not yet found any info for the current year.

>> Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day Fireworks Celebrations Will Be Linked Here <<

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